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Tag: God

Keep on Running I just want to know what it feels to be loved! Why is it that the person who has the biggest heart and huge amounts of love that  overflows continuous for others, has the hardest time receiving love? You see for many years I have carried a bag filled with love to hand out to others. This bag seems to refill itself on its own and never becomes empty. Is this some kind of “Mary Poppins” bag? The bag and the love that it carries has traveled together many… Read more Keep on Running

Thanks be to God

Sitting alone on the balcony this evening I could not resist picking up my phone to take this picture. The first words and thought that came to my mind was “Thanks be to God!” I could sit here and hurt alone as my boyfriend chooses to ignore me again. I could sit here and cry more alone but it won’t change anything. So thank you God for blessing me this evening with your heavenly gifts. The gift of vision and sight. God always seems to catch me when I’m down… Read more Thanks be to God