Where do I start….

The beginnings of 2019 have started on a positive note!

I believe God has control and is in control of all that will prosper or not this year. I’ve been thinking about going through each day one slow step at a time. Keeping my path steady and letting God lead the way.

If I stumble and fall so be it, it’s all part of the process. If I soar above the clouds then so be it, it’s part of God’s plan!

The stresses, anxiety and obstacles on this journey of life will always make their way in to disrupt ones every day routine and sometimes cause chaos which we have no control over. But what we do have control over is our faith and love in the one person who we can always look to and have reassurance will walk us through every step.

For every negative there has to be a positive and visa versa. We have to have this balance in order to thrive and live our lives no matter what arises!

But knowing you are never alone no matter what the circumstances are. ❤️⚡️✨✝️