What is this vibration that I feel?

Is this my love I hold?

It’s a constant movement felt exerting waves of vibration from my heart. Just like tears can pour from our eyes so can our hearts force this energy.

Love is shown by actions but the love I show is first felt deeply and physically. We can all show love. It is very easy to act it out but one must truly feel it first.

Love does not come from our brains or emotions, it comes from the feeling. When our emotions are acted out they sometimes get cross wired with the emotions that are being told to us from our brain and not actually what is being formed in our hearts and being felt.

I tend to disagree when people say think with your head and not your heart. If we do not think with our hearts first then how can we believe what our brain tells us. True understanding of life and choices has to be felt first and truth comes from our hearts.

Only the truth and real feelings are spoken to us from our hearts. Because only love is spoken and felt. And when you vibrate love every other decision and choice we make in our lives will fall into place no matter the circumstances.

The heart cannot give anything but love. All other feelings that are negative or hurtful comes from what our brain tells us.



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