Our mother land dying

Kwa-Zulu Natal-Durban


Cape Town

I was very fortunate enough to move to the USA 24 years ago with my family after apartheid ended in 1994.

My parents knew it was the right thing to do at the time because look at South Africa 🇿🇦 today!

A country more beautiful than any other in my opinion with everything in it.

From the oceans to the mountains including the wildlife, is jaw dropping and breath taking.

Travel experts say it’s one of the best places in the world and yet there are so many killing fields!

To see what is going on breaks my heart!

People are desperate to leave. There are so many highly intelligent, hard working , passionate, respectful, down to earth South Africans that don’t know who to turn to anymore!

The once beloved country has turned into a dying country!

What a waste!

Who can the South African people turn to, to trust or seek help from anymore?

Is anybody listening to the cries of the South African people?

The private security sector is bigger than the South African military!

1 rape every 60 seconds

Highest car jacking in the world

A child going missing every 5 hours

ATM machines being blown up with explosives etc…

South Africa has the highest crime and violence rate compared to other countries.

Yes, all countries have their problems but South Africa never asked for this treatment!

History is history, the past is the past, no one should be blamed for decisions made from governments.

We as human beings should know better and how to treat one another regardless of who is in charge!

There is no rainbow 🌈 shining over the now rainbow nation. Just a lot of tears from those affected every day who try to live normal lives💔

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