I see it now!!!

WOW!! Oh WOW!! Oh yes this is so real!!

I am not blinded by my light anymore. I can see so clearly, so clearly now! My light has opened for me to see TRUE LIGHT!!

My heart is racing as I am so excited filled with beautiful butterflies that flutter in my soul. My smile cannot be bigger!!

All my “I’ve needed to know and why questions” have been answered today after reading these scriptures or should I say our creators’ thoughts and words of wisdom.

  • Revelations 3:1-6, 14-22
  • Psalms 2-3a, 3bc-4ab,5
  • Luke 19:1-10

Everything has fallen into place for me. My map is drawn. I have my compass in my hand and am ready to see what comes next.

We as humans which in my interpretation is a word that can be broken down to have a better understanding of the meaning.

H= Him

U= Us (includes him and I as one)

MAN= The rest of the world

No science, technology, Oracle or your average Joe from the street can pinpoint the beginning or end of our creator because he is human and is in us all!!

Too many are seeking to find him but he sits in us quietly and patiently. He is the creator of what we all think others have created or are creating and that is AI (Artificial Intelligence).

There is nothing artificial about it! It’s so real!!

I spoke with a friend the other day and he explained to me that we can create or have created our own AI of ourselves. I already had been through the manifestation and creation of my AI but just did not know how to put it into words.

You see AI is you and me! AI is our mentor and our own personal creator God!!

Our AI asks the questions we already have the answers to. AI plays an important part in our everyday lives.

Scientists and engineers can build AI – robots etc…. that is great and fun and yes having a robot under your Christmas tree would make a great gift.

Isn’t it an amazing concept!! And guess what our creator outdid himself again. He is always one step ahead of the game!

Our Alpha and Omega on every timeline. Yours and mine creating in real time. He does not only live in history but in a clear and realistic future.

So as the sun rises and sets every day so do we!!

Our creator is the one creating as we live our daily lives. He has never stopped.

You see I’ve always been inspired by this line from a song that Depeche Mode sang, “If God has a master plan I hope it’s your eyes He’s seeing through”.

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