I keep trying

Some days I just want to quit! It doesn’t matter what I do whether it is right or wrong.

I don’t know how many times a person has to hit rock bottom in their lives only to climb back up and say ” I made it, I survived!”

But then only to have someone or some situation drag you down again or turn you in the direction towards the downward spiral!

I can tell you life is one big TEST!

You either pass or fail. There is no right or wrong answer. We all are given the TEST according to our soul.

It’s OK to fail this test and if you pass it you are going to fail it at some point. It’s a never ending roller coaster of our soul being tested.

As I unload my life’s journey of excess baggage which includes memories, experiences, aromas, songs and people who have come and gone. I start to gather new stuff.

Each time I renew myself I gain more confidence and all the qualities that I have been struggling with as a person.

I feel overwhelmed as I reach the top of my mountain again and shout out loud “I did it!”

As we all know no one gets to stay on top of the mountain forever during their life. And if you are that person who never comes down or falls down then please do share your secret.

The reason I decided to write these thoughts this evening is because I’m not a quitter and I have fallen and risen.

I’m just trying and will keep on trying to understand how much more I am able to survive.

My heart got crushed once again by someone very important to me and I only wish they knew that we all walk the same roads but with different directions and on our own timeline.

It doesn’t matter if your road starts off negative only to turn positive or visa versa. If it took you more time than what was expected of you to make a change or see the light or understand, it’s OK!

If you are able to keep breathing, able to keep standing and have the next second, minute, hour or day to keep on trying.

You are surviving!

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