Keep on running


I just want to know what it feels to be loved!

Why is it that the person who has the biggest heart and huge amounts of love that  overflows continuous for others, has the hardest time receiving love?

You see for many years I have carried a bag filled with love to hand out to others. This bag seems to refill itself on its own and never becomes empty.

Is this some kind of “Mary Poppins” bag?

The bag and the love that it carries has traveled together many miles. Surprisingly the bag is still intact.

You see they both have important functions. They both need each other. They support each other on their journey.

The love could not be carried if the bag became weak and fell apart. So this bag has stayed strong so as to carry its heavy load which does not run low or run out.

But what about the person carrying the bag? How strong can they remain?

It is not a trick question!

The person who carries the bag filled with love will never get tired, give up or throw away the bag. For the love they carry has kept them running throughout their entire life!

Even when the love has not been felt or experienced.


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