The miracle I hold in this picture is real. Last week Wednesday the doctors did not think my son was going to live. One of many worst nightmares a mother should never have to experience is their child taking their own life.

My life and my sons life just unraveled itself and started to play in my mind the night I sat alone at home after being next to my son hooked up to every machine you can think of to try keep him alive.

Sitting at my computer staring hard at the photos of him my heart and mind began to connect. Tears were falling down my cheeks as I held my face in my hands and sobbed till early AM.

I then browsed through my my music playlists and felt a need to listen to some songs by Enigma. Sitting at the table  while tears still poured I began to feel this energy of peace come over me. My thoughts became clearer and my heart became more alive.

I don’t know if one would say I was meditating but as I listened to the songs playing I connected my heart, mind and myself. I slowly began to move my hands over my face gently in circular patterns all around then laid them on my forehead and moved them to my temples and lastly I lifted them upwards pointed to the ceiling.

While I continued to do this repeatedly I unknowingly opened forms of energy and life that came flowing out of me like water in a stream. In my mind a clear fixed vision of my son placed itself. I began to talk, connect and transfer all this energy to him. My living room began to feel like it was closing itself off from everything around it. I was enveloped in a total harmonious, positive realm.

The love, compassion and strength that was felt and given to me was no mystery to me as I knew it was God and his angels comforting me. This experience went on for a while. When everything came to a peaceful end I got up and went to lay on the couch feeling drained and exhausted. I was able to shut my puffy eyes and my brain turned itself off and I went into a deep sleep.

In those few hours I had managed to stay asleep I sprung up off the couch and picked up my phone and looked at the time it was just after 7am.

I managed to get my self ready and headed to the hospital. As I took the elevator to the 2nd floor which was to critical care Neuro ICU I walked down to his room prepared for what ever I was going to have to deal with.

I entered his room, I looked at him as he lay peaceful, yet I could see the pain in him. My sister looked at me and said “he woke up this morning”. The breathing tube had been removed from his throat. I moved closer to him and kissed him on his forehead and said his name. His eyes opened barely and he said “hi mom I love you to”.

All I knew and felt at that very moment was the feeling of love and God had revealed himself by yet another miracle of love.

What even made this miracle more amazingly interesting was the nurse had turned to me and said he woke up just after 7am…..